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June-7th-23 9AM – 9:30AM

Opening Remarks

Mr. Mahtab UL Hassan the organizer of the London tech conference 2023 will start the conference by doing a warm welcome and introducing all respectable speakers and attendees.

June-7th-23 9:30AM – 10:10AM

Topic: Sales & Marketing

Ali Mumtaz

CEO of THS Digitals

On June-7th-23 between 9:30AM to 10:10AM the CEO of THS Digitals Mr. Ali Mumtaz would be talking about Sales and Marketing and would share his insights that how to generate business over the call through telemarketing and how to step into a digital world to generate sales via digital marketing.


Ask questions - 10:10AM - 10:30AM

Our attendees will not only get a chance to understand his business but also be able to ask the questions directly from him and from his team as well.

June-7th-23 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Mr. Mahtab UL Hassan Talk on: Startup and Cooperate UK and PAK Tech Eco System

The business development professionals needs to take strategic acquisitions. In this topic of  Startup and Corporate UK and PAK Tech Eco System, Mr. Mahtab UL Hassan and some other highly profiled participants will let us know that how they access top talents and new ways of thinking which help out to evolve as best business.


Chance to get the consult with other business experts who would have practical strategies to overcome your business problems in time effective and cost effective way.

Million Dollar Idea

Your idea can actually make a difference if you are sure that your idea is new and can add a value in a society.

June-7th-23 11:30AM – 12PM


June-7th-23 12PM – 12:40PM

Topic: Cloud Computing & VoiP

Mr. Atif Kamran

CEO of On Air Telecom

The most respectable personality from Pakistan Mr. Atif Kamran the CEO of ON Air Telecom will be a part of this conference and as a Speaker, he will divert the attention of the crowd toward Cloud Computing and Voice over IP.


Ask questions - 12:40PM to 1:00PM

Our attendees will not only get a chance to understand his business but also be able to ask the questions directly from him and from his team as well.

June-7th-23 1PM – 2:30PM

Lunch Time

We are highly focused on the sustenance of our guests from all over the world.

June-7th-23 2:30PM – 3:10PM

Topic: Blockchain

Blockchain work as a decentralized digital ledger that consists of a list of data records.

Mr. Nadeem Riaz Khatana is a blockchain expert and will introduce that how list of data in blockchain organized into blocks.

In the blockchain, the distributed ledger technology increased the productivity of businesses by giving access to different participants of the same information at the same time.

Blockchain put a revolutionary and productive impact on different businesses and industries and that is why in this session we are also going to learn how blockchain helps in performing multitasking across industries.

Blockchain can transform your business

By eliminating the duplication of effort the blockchain is actually building trust by giving efficiency in every field of business.

Speaker: Mr. Nadeem Riaz Khatana

June-7th-23 3:10PM – 4PM

Give shout out to your business and

Win Business Investments

Give a fast forward to your business and stop struggling hard with no returns and be a part of this life-changing London Tech Conference where you will get a chance to represent and express your business idea infront of different businesses, entrepreneurs, highly profiled sponsors, and investors under one roof. This conference will provide you a platform to align the interest of investors and other business founders and managers towards your business and win the investment in no time. So be prepare youreself for this game changing opprotunity.

June-7th-23 4:00PM – 5:00PM


Build valuable connections

June-7th-23 5:00PM -5:40PM

Closing Remarks

Group Photoshoot

Congratulations to those who win investments

June-7th-23 5:40PM – 7:00PM

After Party

Enjoy drinks and some other refreshments and also get a chance to socialize with other participants

Attendees are always welcome

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