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Attend Tech Conference 2023 in London

Tech Businesses be ready and prepare to scale for the future. Get involved with tech emerging international companies that have thought-provoking ideas and business-empowering strategies and plans. In this conference, you will find Explorers, Learners, and Leaders in one place which will definitely help you to upskill your new business ideas and their productivity.

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Thought Behind Every Conference

Our motto is to build mutual business relationships across the world. This is the wrong perception that in tech conferences only tech-related companies and individuals participate or in any other business-related conference only business-related companies and individuals should appear.
But whenever we arrange conferences whether related to tech or related to any other business we always try to gather the business and individuals of all niches so they can understand the businesses of each other and participate and grow in other business fields as well with help of our conference where they will always meet with different business mindsets.

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There is not better place to start Tech Conference than london. Come to see what everyone’s talking about and take your learning and business ideas to the next level. Don’t miss the chance to get enroll in to this revolutionary Tech Conference. Contact us now via this form.


Conference Engagement Strategies

A conference, product launch, or any award show. Whatever your event type is, no planning can be deployed without any technical strategy. By taking all the senses into consideration things get finalized — what the speakers and attendees will see, feel, hear, touch, and eat. We always ensure every speaker and attendee walks-in and away from our conference with a similar and positive exprience.

CrowdSource the Content

Break the main topic in chunks and ask questions to involve patricipants in discussion.


Our speakers always brief the things in a way to immidiately brigded the attention of participants.


Our 2023 Keynote Speakers

Mahtab UL Hassan

CEO & Conferences Organizer

Mr. Mahtab Ul Hassan is a young blood CEO and conferences organizer around the globe and is involved in many national and international business projects. His motto is only one which is to combine national and international organizations and individuals in one place so they can collaborate with each other and grow together. Mr. Mahtab on June-7th-2023 will talk on PAK and UK Tech Eco System.

Topic: Sales & Marketing

Ali Mumtaz

CEO of THS Digitals

On June-7th-2023 at 9:30AM – 10:10AM the CEO of THS Digitals Mr. Ali Mumtaz would be talking about Sales and Marketing and would share his insights that how to generate business over the call through telemarketing and how to step into a digital world to generate sales via digital marketing.

Topic: Cloud Computing & VoiP

Mr. Atif Kamran

CEO of On Air Telecom

The most respectable personality from Pakistan Mr. Atif Kamran the CEO of ON Air Telecom will be a part of this conference and as a Speaker, he will divert the attention of the crowd toward Cloud Computing and Voice over IP.


Ask questions

Our attendees will not only get a chance to understand his business but also be able to ask the questions directly from him and from his team as well.

June-7th-23 2:30PM – 3:10PM

Topic: Blockchain

Blockchain work as a decentralized digital ledger that consists of a list of data records.

Mr. Nadeem Riaz Khatana is a blockchain expert and will introduce that how list of data in blockchain organized into blocks.

In the blockchain, the distributed ledger technology increased the productivity of businesses by giving access to different participants of the same information at the same time.

Blockchain put a revolutionary and productive impact on different businesses and industries and that is why in this session we are also going to learn how blockchain helps in performing multitasking across industries.

Blockchain can transform your business

By eliminating the duplication of effort the blockchain is actually building trust by giving efficiency in every field of business.

Speaker: Mr. Nadeem Riaz Khatana

June-7th-23 3:10PM – 4PM

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